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Student Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Report
Specific Data to include in report
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This report generates the total number of enrolled students at a selected college during a selected timeframe (Academic year or Term).

  • Duplicated headcount - Total number of unique students enrolled in Oregon Community Colleges during a specifically selected academic (fiscal) year. Students can attend multiple community colleges within the same year and term. Therefore, the count is unduplicated by school year, but it is not unduplicated by student.
  • Academic year - The academic year runs July 1 to June 30th year each individual year (7/year-6/year). The school year runs summer term to spring term.
  • Academic term - The individual term(s) within the school year.
  • Credit/non-credit students - The report includes all enrolled students. This can include enrollment for both credit and non-credit students.
  • Types of students that appear in these counts can include high school students.
  • These includes any student that registered for a class at the college.
  • Source information around gender, race, and age (this information is voluntarily reported).
  • Hold Harmless: adjustment to the FTE to account for both 11 week and 12 week school terms, so that all community colleges get equivalent amounts of money.

Acti code: Courses taught by community colleges are assigned a course activity code for purposes of tracking course activity type.

Total FTE: Total FTE for a community college is the sum of the total number of clock hours (i.e., total hours the course meets over the term) for every student attending a course offered by the community college, divided by 510 (i.e., Full time equivalency).

Reimbursable FTE: Reimbursable FTE is a portion of a college’s total FTE for which they receive reimbursement from the state of Oregon. It is what is used as the basis for the calculation of the community college funding formula. For more information on what is included in reimbursable FTE please see the following link: FTE Guidelines.

Report Terms

College: Name of the community college(s).

Year/Term Search: Drop down to determine if the search criteria will apply a year (“annual” as determined by a full school year, or search by individual “term”)
  • Term: Indicate the term (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) for each school year to apply in the report.
  • Annual: Indicate the academic year to be reported.

Data Grouping (Specific Data to include in report):
  • Acti Code: Courses taught by community colleges are assigned a course activity code for purposes of tracking course activity type.
    • Adult Basic Education
    • Adult Continuing Ed
    • Adult Continuing Ed - Health & Fitness
    • Adult Continuing Ed - Safety
    • Adult Continuing Ed - Unknown
    • Adult Continuing Ed - Workforce
    • Adult High School
    • CTE Preparatory
    • CTE Apprenticeship
    • CTE Prep - Not Leading to State Apprv. Cert/Deg
    • CTE Supplementary
    • English as a Second Lang.
    • Gen. Educational Dev.
    • Lower Division Collegiate
    • Non-reimbursable
    • Non-reimbursable - Hobby & Recreation
    • Non-reimbursable - Other/Administrative
    • Non-reimbursable - Unknown
    • Non-reimbursable-FTE Audit
    • Post Secondary Remedial
    • Prof/Tech Apprenticeship
    • Prof/Tech Preparatory
    • Prof/Tech Supplementary
    • PSR Math-Crs number < 100
    • PSR Reading/Writing -Crs number < 100
    • PSR-Elective-Crs number < 100-Not Math Write Read
  • Gender: The self-reported gender of the student at the time of the report. Gender types include:
    • Male
    • Female
    • Not Reported
  • Age: Age of student broken down into the groupings:
    • Under 18 (High School Age)
    • 18-21 (Traditional Age)
    • 22-34 (Early-Career)
    • 35-49 (Mid-Career)
    • 50-64 (Late-Career)
    • 65+ (Seniors)
  • Ethnicity/Race: Self-reported race or ethnicity for the student. Reporting groups fall into these categories:
    • Not Reported – Student has no reported race/ethnicity.
    • International Students – Reported as international regardless of what other groups they fall into.
    • Hispanic or Latino – Reported as Hispanic or latino regardless of what other groups they fall into (unless that other group is International)
    • Multi-Racial/Ethnic– Reported as two or more race/ethnicities excluding international, or Hispanic/latino.
    • American Indian Or Alaskan Native- Student has one reported race ethnicity code of American Indian or Alaskan Native.
    • Asian- Student has one reported race ethnicity code of Asian.
    • Black- Student has one reported race ethnicity code of Black.
    • Pacific Islander- Student has one reported race ethnicity code of Pacific Islander.
    • White- Student has one reported race ethnicity code of White.